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Mr John Clarke

For 25 years, John and Bryan have been engaged in discourse on a range of issues. These interviews appear each week on television, radio and online and several collections have been released on CD, DVD and in book form. Every Thursday a fresh interview is loaded and fired into the blithersphere. It can be seen in here or on our YouTube site or the Facebook page.



All of the available Clarke and Dawe DVDs are now available in one boxed set, at a cost of $49.95. We have some signed copies and if you order before they all disappear, we’ll add a complimentary copy of ‘Sporting Nation’, the three part documentary John made about Australia’s fascination with sport. John loves this project and believes every home should have one.


Video, audio, scripts

Stand back. New project. Reforming the budget process. Urgent.

Tony Abbott. Australian Prime Minister.

Bryan offering whatever assistance he can.

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Can We Have Our $29billion Back?

Mr Wesley Broadband.

Bryan gets a bit annoyed here, for some reason.

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The Almost Definitive Clarke & Dawe Collection
Clarke & Dawe

***All of the available Clarke and Dawe DVDs are now available…
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Operational Matters
Clarke & Dawe

A collection of recent interviews from ABC television. Mr C…
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