Mr John Clarke

With New Zealand in crisis during the 1970s, the very sensible Mr Dagg addressed a wide range of issues on national television. He was elegantly dressed and was often accompanied by a dog. Fred and The Old Sheila had seven sons, all called Trevor. Very good boys they were too. Especially Trevor. In the 1975 New Zealand election, there was a 100% swing to the Dagg Party. Then in the 1980s some clown imported Market Economics, the belief that a beautiful day has no value if you can’t sell it. Fred and Bruce Bayliss pulled the country’s infrastructure out of a ditch up near Taihape in 1987 and gave the government a lift back to town in the truck. They still owe Fred for the petrol.

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John Clarke: Thanks for your time

For overseas viewers and those who missed out, here is the ABC's tribute to John. With thanks to the team who put it together. Enjoy.
Originally aired on the ABC 17/04/2017

Fred Dagg Anthology Digital Download

The digital album can now also be purchased, you select what you’d like to pay.