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For many years it was assumed that poetry came from England. Research now clearly demonstrates, however, that a great many of the world’s most famous poets were Australian. This project puts on record the wealth of imagery in Australian verse.

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John was on ABC Radio National this morning talking about one of his favourite love poems. You can listen here or download it here.

The poem he selected was ‘For A Father’ by Anthony Cronin. The text follows.

With the exact length and pace of his father’s stride
The son walks,
Echoes and intonations of his father’s speech
Are heard when he talks.

Once when the table was tall and the chair a wood
He absorbed his father’s smile
And carefully copied the way that he stood.

He grew into exile slowly
With pride and remorse,
In some way better than his begetters,
In others worse.

And now having chosen, with strangers,
Half glad of his choice
He smiles with his father’s hesitant smile
And speaks with his voice.


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John Clarke: Thanks for your time

For overseas viewers and those who missed out, here is the ABC's tribute to John. With thanks to the team who put it together. Enjoy.
Originally aired on the ABC 17/04/2017

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John Clarke

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