Mr John Clarke

Memo to all Parents, Staff and Students.

The annual theatre production is always a highlight of the school year and, as audience numbers and responses attest, ‘Oliver’ (which played all week in the new open-air venue, in perfect conditions) was a particular triumph. Thanks must go to Mr E. Flight and Ms Anthropy, whose tireless work and dedication has once again produced spectacular results. It is a striking and very satisfying feature of the school’s music and drama programme that so many students get involved, whether as performers or as part of the all-important backstage crews, toiling ceaselessly behind the scenes on the lights, the mixing desk, or in makeup and costumes. Our congratulations go to all. Well done everyone.

‘Where is Love’, performed by Watt L Bird

‘Oom Pah Pah’ really got the occasion going and gave K Warla a chance to show his skills.

A humourous interlude. ‘Reviewing the SItuation’, in which E Kiddner’s unique style won a great many admirers.

The powerful ‘My Name’ was delivered superbly by A Steer.

A poignant note was provided by C Gull’s rendition of ‘Boy for Sale.’

One of the hits of the show, ‘Food Glorious Food,’ had everyone sing along, ably let by the perennially engaging William Wagtail.

One of our Indian students in a minor role.

‘Consider Yourself’ had the audience singing along.

‘As Long as he Needs Me’ was a real highlight. Not a dry eye in the house.

The colourful costumes were a delight, admired by all and a great a tribute to the work of the wardrobe dept. Cute hat!

Very well done one and all. Thank you and good night.