Mr John Clarke

We had a wonderful response to our March quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was Stan Hope of Stanhope. And very nice work Stanley. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. True. Your house is worth more than you paid for it 20 years ago. More news as it comes to hand.

  2. True. The full forward for the federal opposition is Bill Shorten. The previous two spearheads were stretchered off under the blood rule. Bill was handily placed on both occasions to help with the clean-up.

  3. True. Bernard Tomic is going along beautifully and recently chalked up a massive PB of 28mins 20 seconds at the Miami Masters.

  4. False. The Shapelle Corby Special was a one-off program. The Severn Bore is an annual wave phenomenon on a river in England.

  5. False. Scott Morrison is not an Admiral. In a lot of countries he would not even have a navy. He is the Immigration Minister.

  6. True. According to Joe Hockey the Australian economy has been fixed, is collapsing, will be transformed, is recovering, has run out of money, is the envy of the G20 and has been reported missing. Hold on to your tickets.

  7. Buddy Franklin. The GFC didn’t play for the Swans.

  8. False. It’s the other way round, Nick Minchin and Alexander Downer are not Australian sportsmen and David Warner is not a diplomat.

  9. False. There is no Senator Bigot. The man in the photograph is a highly paid Brisbane librarian.

  10. True. The age of entitlement is over.*

  11. True. It has been suggested that the Grand Prix isn’t loud enough. Other concerns for organisers are that the trees are insufficiently dendriform and the sea isn’t wet enough.

  12. False. Bernie Ecclestone is the state’s most highly paid official but technically the Premier is still Denis Napthine.

  13. False. The ALP is not in liquidation. Management has expressed the hope that it will be able to trade its way out of the current difficulties.

  14. False. It was Tammy Wynette. Tania Hird has never released a single.

  15. False. George Pell is not fallible. He trusted some people who simply weren’t up to it. He admits this freely and has named them all publicly on his way to the airport.

  16. False. Paul Howes will not be going into politics. He has simply accrued a large number of RDOs, a substantial backlog of sick days and a fair bit of leave.

  17. False. Arthur Sinodinos has never met Arthur Sinodinos and was not previously aware of his existence.

  18. False. Craig Thompson is not appealing.

  19. True. It was the former Governor General Quentin Bryce. The dive was a reverse republican somersault with a damehood and two twists. The degree of difficulty was 9.97 and although the entry was a bit messy, the wonder is that it could be attempted at all.

  20. True. Australia does have a one day cricket team. It is hoped that one day they’ll play cricket.

*A list of those to whom this does not apply is available in the first class lounge.