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We had a fantastic response to our recent quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was William Stown, of Williamstown. Good boy Bill. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. True. Of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees who have fled their country because of civil war, Australia has decided to accept 500. (All stand)

  2. There are three man-made structures visible from space; The Great Wall of China, The Palm Island archipelago in Dubai and the Australian Parliamentary Expense Account Register.

  3. True. Buddy Franklin is huge news because he has gone to Sydney, where the news comes from.

  4. False. The Governor General of Australia is Quentin Bryce. Quentin Crisp was a writer and entertainer.

  5. False. Tony Abbott is not a marriage celebrant.

  6. False. Nicola Roxon is not a marriage counsellor.

  7. False. This was a trick question. The winner of the ballot was Anthony Albanese. Bill Shorten was elected.

  8. True. Sophie Mirabella’s plan to get out of Indi by losing her seat and getting a plum government appointment somewhere else is going particularly well.

  9. False. Tony Abbott insists that members of his cabinet must be appointed on merit, regardless of whether they are men or women*.

  10. True. Treasurer Joe Hockey described the state of the Australian economy as ‘in crisis.’ Australia was facing ‘a financial emergency’ he said. Since the election it has emerged that ours is among the strongest economies in the world. Mr Hockey regrets any misunderstanding and apologises to anyone who was hurt in the incident.

  11. False. George Brandis is not held down by strong metal cables. The reason he doesn’t float away is that he’s heavier than air.

  12. False. Science is not illegal in Australia.

  13. False. The reason so many polling companies got the election margin wrong, the swing wrong and the senate wrong is not that they are idiots. It is that the only people polled were those with fixed line telephone numbers. This excludes anyone under the age of 106.

  14. True. There are nineteen token men in the federal cabinet.

  15. False. Mr Napthine is the Premier but Victoria currently has a Shaw government.

  16. True. In the Declaration of Interests for members of parliament, under shareholdings, directorships, real estate, trusts and investments, Malcolm Turnbull has written ‘See attachment’.

  17. False. Tony Abbott took three hours to complete the Macquarie triathlon. Despite a limited buildup for the event, he tried really hard, honestly. The suggestion that his expenses are worked out by the hour is ridiculous.

  18. True. If Peter Slipper thinks it’s unfair that he’s on trial for allegedly rorting expenses while both the Prime Minister and the Attorney General are claiming expenses for attending his wedding, then perhaps he should have thought of that before he got married.

  19. True. Scott Morrison is a minister in the Australian government. His portfolio is a secret.

  20. True. The recent fiscal crisis in the US was caused by part of the party which is not in government. An equivalent in Australia might be allowing a decision about whether Australia has a carbon tax to be decided by a Queensland coal billionaire and a motoring enthusiast from Gippsland.

*Plural of ‘woman.’

We had a fantastic response to our Election Special Quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was Trent Ham, of Trentham. Well done Trent. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. True. Australia is a democracy. Some conditions apply. Please note the position of the exit nearest your seat.

  2. False. The people cannot vote for the person they want as Prime Minister. They must vote for a candidate in their electorate. Party Leadership is a matter for the parties themselves. This is going well.

  3. True. The best way to ensure the defeat of the party you least prefer is to vote for the other one. This is called ‘choice’.

  4. False. Neither of the parties is led by the preferred prime minister. The preferred Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull. One of the reasons he is preferred is that he cannot become Prime Minister.

  5. False. You cannot vote for Tony Abbott’s daughters or for Therese Rein, Jessica Rudd, Antony Green, Dami Im or Cyril Rioli. They are not candidates.

  6. True. The first week of the campaign was between Kevin Bloke and Tony Knackers about who is fair dinkum. The second week was about the economy, which is run by Treasury. Since then it has been about remaining awake.

  7. This was a trick question. In fact they are all true. Tony Abbott won a Rhodes Scholarship, Bill Shorten expects people to vote for him and there is a car called a Range Rover Evoque.

  8. True. In one 24 hour period, Tony Abbott confirmed that no-one is the suppository of all knowledge, that a female candidate he supported had sex appeal and that allowing people to marry on the basis that they wanted to would be too radical a change to existing laws. These were the playful errors of a man abundantly qualified to run the country.

  9. True. Kevin Rudd is The Labor Party. There are apparently some local members but Kevin is the founder of the party, owns the copyright and holds all the portfolios in the federal cabinet.

  10. True. There were two days of the campaign on which Tony Abbott did not mention asylum seekers. He wasn’t well. Happily, he’s feeling much better now.

  11. True. Climate change is effecting the global environment, except in Queensland and Western Sydney.

  12. True. ALP strategists got rid of Kevin Rudd because the polls had collapsed and then got rid of Julia Gillard because the polls had collapsed. Their current problem is that the polls have collapsed.

  13. True. Sophie Mirabella has been to her electorate on many occasions.

  14. True. Both parties waited until the electorate was suffering from drivel-fatigue and then launched their campaigns.

  15. False. Bob Katter was not in ‘Dirty Harry’ although his hat was nominated for an Emmy for its performance in ‘Gunsmoke’.

  16. False. Tony Windsor is not a member of the royal family.

  17. True. There is a new TV show called Eden-Monaro. It premiers on Sunday and will be heavily promoted after the polls close tonight. All TV election coverage will be peppered with presenters on all channels repeatedly saying ‘Let’s go to Eden-Monaro’, ‘I’d like to have a look at Eden-Monaro’ and ‘Can we get Eden-Monaro on this thing Antony?’

  18. True. Other new TV shows also set to be shamelessly promoted throughout the election-night coverage include Robertson, Dobell and Lindsay (comedy/drama about three cops with only one bicycle, trying to bust a drug-ring), LaTrobe and Deakin (a spoof news panel show) and Greenway, Banks and Corangamite (reality show in which 15 dozen vol-au-vents must be prepared in a house containing only a toaster and a vacuum cleaner)

  19. False. Clive Palmer does not actually face Queensland when he speaks.

  20. True. Media coverage of this election has been uniformly excellent.

We had a fantastic response to our recent quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was Hazel Dene, of Hazeldene. Well done indeed Hazel. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. True. The screen-grab of bulls stampeding through Pamplona is picture b). The other two images feature an ALP leadership discussion and a State of Origin football match.

  2. True. Napthine is a compound word made up of two words, ‘nap’ and ‘thine’. The name literally means ‘your sleep.’

  3. True. At one stage Kevin Rudd couldn’t imagine circumstances in which he would challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party. Then his imagination improved.

  4. False. J K Rowling was not the author of the Gonski Report. It was written by J K Gonski.

  5. True. Julie Bishop was born on planet Earth.

  6. True. This week’s rally in Australian equities was in response to figures emerging from a test being conducted in Nottingham. The Agar figure of 98 in particular, was well above market expectations.

  7. True. The tunnel under Royal Park began losing money when it was proposed.

  8. True. New Wallaby coach Ewen McKenzie is expected to get the inside backs and the outside backs together as a matter of urgency and introduce them to one another.

  9. True. The award for negotiating a unique economic development deal with China and simultaneously reforming the health, education and welfare sectors in Australia with a majority of one and the people who really run the country united against her, went to an Altona woman.

  10. False. The picture shows Larry, Curly and Moe bumping into each other. Bowie, Shorty and Albo are top-flight Australian politicians.

  11. False. The Kennett Curse is related to the rivalry between the Geelong and Hawthorn football teams. The other spectacular failures are The Kennett Legacy.

  12. False. The reason a prospectus hasn’t been issued and equity funds have not received an allocation is that NBN Co is not for sale yet. Keep your eye on Malcolm and wait for a signal.

  13. True. It was disastrous having the $A going up and it’s disastrous now that it’s falling. If it were standing still that would also be disastrous. The whole thing is terrifying.

  14. True. Andy Murray is from a part of England called Scotland.

  15. False. The figure in the poster is the Marlboro man, an allegedly tough rugged individual, who was ultimately a victim of the product he was advertising. The man on the phone is Mal Brough, an Australian politician.

  16. False. It is members of the Cistercian order who have taken a vow of silence. Members of the Abbottian order take a vow to say everything twice, very slowly.

  17. True. Campbell Newman was awarded a 42% pay rise while he was away on holiday. When he returned was appalled to find he was earning $398,000 a year, about what Barack Obama gets. Similar jobs of course.

  18. True. Recent voting patterns for the Australian Senate have been very significant, although just on a technical point, Green Edge is a cycling team.

  19. False. The Drifters song is entitled ‘Under the Boardwalk.’ There’s no such thing as a Broadwalk.

  20. False. IRS is the American inland revenue system. DRS is a system used for making decisions in cricket matches where there are no umpires.

We had a fantastic response to our recent quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was Ash Burton, of Ashburton. Great work Ash. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. False. George Pell didn’t actually say ‘I’m only going to say this once. You know what you’re going to ask me and I know the answers I’m prepared to provide. If they bear some relation to each other that will be a bonus and an unexpected delight’.

  2. True. When Jeff Kennett was Premier of the state of Victoria, he drank 20 cups of coffee a day, secured a car race which loses $50m a year, forfeited control of public transport, gas, electricity and main roads. He’s calmed down a bit since but remains a first class mind.

  3. True. The headline ‘Great Scott!’ is used when anyone Scottish wins anything and when anyone named Scott wins anything. Andy Murray and Adam Scott have given it a fair workout in the past few months.

  4. False. Eddie McGuire is not a compulsory element in all material of any kind broadcast in Victoria. He’s not in The Weather, for example*.

  5. False. Bitcoin is an imaginary but tradable currency. The US$ is real and the British pound will be real again in 100 years if things go really well.

  6. The ANZAC Day march is a timely reminder that the German and Japanese menace was rolled back by the media, by people carrying photographs and by suburban brass bands.

  7. The correct answer was ‘ASADA stands for Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’. The answer ‘Bloody near anything’ was not accepted.

  8. True. The purpose of the Steward’s Inquiry was to ascertain what was said to the brothel-owner about the prospects of the horse owned by the galah and trained by the bookie’s mother. The important consideration in all this was to safeguard the integrity of racing in NSW.

  9. False. A developer cannot get approval for a hideous project simply because he’s very tall. It is the hideous development that needs to be very tall, not the developer.

  10. False. The Australian attack will be led by Siddle, Pattinson and Starc. Dulcie Boling is a retired magazine editor.

  11. True. Due to a breakdown in negotiations, live odds on the likely outcome will not be broadcast during the anti-gambling debate.

  12. False. The music at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was Bel Canto. There was no mention of the Belgrano at the funeral. Australia was represented by Lord Howard of Baghdad.

  13. False. Stocks do not go up on a Monday. It’s much more complicated than that.

  14. False. There is no plan to introduce hearing tests for Australian cricket administrators. This follows the failure of the eyesight test which was inconclusive since no-one could find the venue.

  15. False. The man singing ‘Ground control to Major Tom’ in a capsule was a Canadian astronaut. Wayne Swan is an Australian politician.

  16. The answer was c). A Palm Reader is a fortune-teller and a Palm Climber is a plant. Clive Palmer is a person.

  17. A bobcat is a compact loader and bulldozer. A person who uses one is called a bobcat driver. There is no such thing as a bobcatter.

  18. True. A palindrome is something which reads the same backwards as it does forward. Examples include the name Anna, the sentence ‘Able was I ere I saw Elba’ and Joe Hockey’s budget reply speech.

  19. True. The premier is referred to as Dr Napthine. This is done so the Victorian community understands that he is running a little bit behind schedule but will see them soon. Just take a seat and read some old golf magazines.

  20. True. The land speed record from St Kilda to Carlton on an evening when there’s a match at the MCG is held by Mark Weber, in a Red Bull Renault. He covered the distance in an hour and ten minutes.

*Although scattered eddies are forecast in some areas for tomorrow.

We had a fantastic response to the Easter quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was Trav Encore, of Travencore. Great work Trav and very nicely done. For the record, the answers were as follows:

  1. True. The media’s decision that Australia should tip out the current government and replace it with the Opposition is set to be ratified in mid-September, reports say.

  2. False. MYKI has not required a series of bailouts. $10 billion is a perfectly reasonable development cost for a new type of tram ticket.

  3. False. Not all Bernard Tomic’s tennis lessons are broadcast live on national television.

  4. False. The Drug Loopholes are not an AFL team.

  5. Incorrect. John Steffensen was not discriminated against on the grounds of race but on the grounds of racing.

  6. False. Cervantes did not write a novel called Jeff Quixote about a man who expressed mutually exclusive opinions and attacked windmills in the belief that they were giants.

  7. False. In Australia we don’t have a Fiscal Cliff. We have a Fiscal Glen, which is warm and soft and protected from inclement weather.

  8. True. 8.5 tons of fireworks were purposely set alight over the Xmas/New Year period at several locations around the metropolitan area. Police say a Mr Doyle is helping them with their inquiries.

  9. ‘Epic Fail’ is an exciting new expression meaning a very slight momentary embarrassment on a matter of no possible importance.

  10. True. The Tullamarine Freeway is slow and inefficient and there’s no viable alternative. ‘Yes, we’ll certainly get on to that’ said Premier Napthine. ‘Where is it?’

  11. False. The closure of hospital beds in Victoria has nothing to do with the Government of Victoria.

  12. False. There is no ‘snooze’ button on the Victorian government.

  13. True. Radio National is now called RN and most of the programmes are about spirituality, although there are exceptions; The National News, for example, which is about Sydney.

  14. False. At no time during the conversation between Oprah and Lance Armstrong did either of them speak while the other drank a glass of water.

  15. True. Waiters used to approach tables, welcome the customers and ask if there was anything they could get them. They now saunter up at some point and say ‘Hey guys’.

  16. True. Dorothea McKeller was Australia’s leading meteorologist. She produced a beautifully worded and completely accurate 150 year forecast for an entire continent.

  17. True. Jeff Kennett has warned that if Victoria isn’t prepared to lose millions more each year, it will lose the Grand Prix. Jeff sees this as a complex moral dilemma.

  18. False. The new pontiff and Bishop of Rome is His Holiness Pope Francis. At no stage is he to be addressed as Pope Frank.

  19. The marketing of Victorian football to the rest of the country has been so successful there is now enough money to attempt to save the Melbourne team.

  20. False. The picture is entitled ‘The Scream’, by Edvard Munch. Andrew Demetriou is the head of the AFL.


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